Food Plans…One Step Towards The Top

Food plans can be a great tool in recovery. I might go so far as to say that my first food plan saved my life as it got me eating normal balanced meals again. However, I don’t believe that a food plan can overcome an eating disorder.

I used to make the mistake jn thinking that the ultimate aim was to complete my food plan every day. However, I now understand that the food plan is just one step towards fill recovery, not the goal jn itself

Think of recovery like a ladder. Each step you make towards a happier and healthier relationship with food is like taking a step up the ladder. However, the ultimate goal at the top of the ladder isn’t a completed food plan. Completing the food plan is just one step towards the top.

So what is at the top of the ladder? The end goal is to be able to have a healthy and happy relationship with food. Eat when your hungry, listen to your intuition and responding to your appetite.

So what does this mean? It means that if you want to have something that doesn’t quite fit in the food plan, like a glass of wine with dinner, drinks with friends, a dessert with more than the recommended carbohydrate, an extra snack when you’re feeling hungry, or three courses if your out for dinner… you can have it. And by having it, you’re not failing your food plan.

In fact, by moving away from your food plan you are gaining freedom and taking another step up the ladder, which means you’re one step closer towards a happy and healthy relationship with food. Don’t let food plans become restrictive and start feeding your eating disorder.

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