Learning A New Language

Today I was told that I had to start challenging the negative thoughts I had about myself. It is painful to look in the mirror every day and hate what’s staring back at you. I’m fed up of thinking I look gross or ugly or fat. I have friends and family who tell me otherwise and so why can’t I start believing it myself?

My therapist said that learning to love yourself is a bit like learning a new language. When you start learning a new language the way you learn is by repeating words and phrases over and over again. At first the words hold no meaning as it sounds like you’re repeating a load of gobbledygook. However, after more and more practice the words start to make sense, and if you keep at it you can become fluent in a second language.

So, now when I look in the mirror I say phrases such as ‘you look great’ ‘you look slim’ ‘your hair looks nice’. Even though I don’t always believe what I am saying and the words don’t always make sense, I still look in the mirror and say it. Because, in the end it will start to hold some meaning and I hope that in the end, I can become fluent in a more beautiful language about myself.

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