Freedom fighters

In one of CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy) groups I recently shared how eating more than my food plan makes me feel guilty. I was asked about the thinking behind these feelings and what I was thinking to make me feel guilty. I said that I thought I was out of control.

For those of you who don’t know much about CBT, you are encouraged to challenge what you think so that it will change how you feel. One of the girls in the group had a great answer to how you can challenge the thought that you are out of control when you eat more than your plan. She said ‘You’re not out of control, you’re gaining freedom’.

So next time you feel out of control, remember that it is not YOU who is out of control, it’s ed. although you may feel as though your eating disorder gives you full control, that isn’t true. When i restrict my food and over-exercise it is the eating disorder who has full control of me. So going a step up the ladder and having more than your plan is gaining freedom and gaining control over ed.

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