Just do your best

Just do your best. This was something I was told over and over again in my childhood. You can only try your best. All you can do is your best.

I grew up trying my best in everything and as a result I got the top GCSE results in the school, I was head girl, got straight a’s in a level, won the 6th form effort award, even passed my driving test first time with no minors. Whatever I set my mind too and tried my best in, I did the best. The same can be said for my anorexia. It began as a diet and I tried my best at jt and ended up with a full blown eating disorder. Some could see that at being the best at dieting.

What this has come to mean today is that I believe my best is getting the a* or the top prize or the gold medal. So now, instead of aiming to do my best, I am constantly striving to do THE best. It may not sound like a big difference, but it is important to spot the difference between the too.

Living to such high standards is painful and difficult. So I am really trying to remember what my dad used to tell me growing up, ‘trying your best is all you can do’, and not what my eating disorder tells me which is to do the best.


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