Keep It In The Day

Keep it in the day… This is a slogan I have to tell myself all the time.

Yesterday we had a big family party and as always with my family, we celebrated over wonderful food and plenty of drinks. Ed didn’t receive an invite to this party. In an attempt to ensure that Ed didn’t try and break in through the back door, I had a few drinks and enjoyed my lunch like everyone else around the table.

I did enjoy lunch and for the most part Ed stayed away. However, after events like this I always need to remember to celebrate the fact that I have taken one more step up the ladder and take care of myself the next day. Such events can be triggering for me as I often have an urge to restrict the day after.

I shared this with my dear friend S who reminded me that ‘Today is a new day. What happened yesterday stays yesterday and is forgotten. Today you are beautiful 🙂 Ed won’t win today’. 

So far I am winning today, thank you S! 



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