Fight Club

One of my friends in the clinic would always tell people they were ‘kick ass’ every time they completed their food plan or beat their eating disorder. So now our group aim is to all be ‘kick ass’ and give Ed a good beating.

This morning in group there was quite a lot of anger against out Ed’s and we came up with a new analogy (admittedly not the kindest of analogies) to kick Ed’s ass.

We said that if we put Ed in the middle of the room and kicked him every time we beat him or got one up on him he would gradually get weaker and weaker and in the end he would be on the floor, curled over in pain and wouldn’t be able to speak. This means that with every biscuit, meal and dessert we eat, our Ed’s get a good kick, and the more times we can kick him each day, the weaker his destructive voice will get.

Similarly, if we just give him a little nudge by eating half the biscuit, a bit of the meal or leaving dessert, we will just wind him up, aggravate him, and then he will fight back even harder.

So far today we have all given Ed a good beating. He’s crying in a corner but trying to get his energy back in time for dinner. So we will have to join forces, get our boots on and start kicking. Face it Ed, fight club is stronger than you… It’s about time you got used to being the looser.

Girls, you’ve all made me very proud today, lets make it 5-0 to us!

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