What are the advantages of keeping my ED?

Today we were asked to list the advantages and disadvantages of staying with our Eating Disorders.

Lets start with the disadvantages:

  • We are underweight and damaging our health
  • No periods = No family
  • It makes you insecure and unconfident
  • Makes you isolated
  • Numbs feelings (good and bad ones)
  • Mind is constantly thinking about food and Ed

I’m sure the list could go on and on (any suggestions welcome!)


The advantages? I don’t believe there are any. There can be NO advantages.

So lets rephrase, what may Ed tell us is an advantage:

  • You can stay thin (This is not an advantage. Being thin is damaging to your health and looks gross)
  • You can have control over things (When you are in Ed’s hands, you have no control. Ed and food takes control of your whole life)
  • You can have a sense of achievement (Again, in recovery, you can achieve worthy and healthy aims. Being underweight is not an achievement) 
  • Feel good about yourself (If it made me feel good about myself I wouldn’t be in a clinic or on a path to recovery)

So, when you see the facts written down, it is pretty clear that there are no advantages to having an eating disorder. Absolutely none. If Ed tries to whisper these advantages in your ear, try and remember it is an illusion. Recovery can give you true happiness and true self worth. Ed will only give you the fake version.

One thought on “What are the advantages of keeping my ED?

  1. Another disadvantage: You are making the people around you suffer and sad…I know how much effort and time my parents are sacrificing just for me to recover….And it also makes them sad that I am not ‘normal’ or healthy..

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