From Anorexic to Recovering Anorexic

I have been going to OA (a 12 step programme for anorexics, bulimic’s and overeaters) since February. Every time I sat in the room I would say ‘Hi, I’m Juniper, and I’m an Anorexic’. Now I have decided to no longer use these words. Instead, I say, ‘Hi, I’m Juniper and I’m recovering from Anorexia’.

It is important for me to not give any power to my Eating Disorder. I don’t believe that I am still just an anorexic … I am in recovery. Every time I tell someone I am an ‘Anorexic’, Ed get’s the limelight and a pat on the back. In a way, telling people I am an Anorexic keeps me sick. So now, I only tell people the truth: I am recovering from Anorexia.

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