Painful Plasters

Time for another analogy…

Today I decided it’s time to start facing a few more fears. As I said in an earlier post: FEAR = Face Everything And Recover.

I was thinking about my action plan and decided I’d face a few fears a week to work up to it. However, in group, our dietician said that we should look at recovery like pulling of a plaster. Let me explain…

In recovery you have to options:

A) Slowly and gradually face a few fears at a time. This is like slowly pulling of a plaster. You just prolong the pain and the painful feeling lasts longer.

B) Face as many fears as you can and up your game. This is like gritting your teeth and quickly pulling away the plaster. Although it may feel more painful at the time, and although it may even be quite scary, the pain won’t last for as long.

So now, I’m going to tackle my recovery plan as if I was quickly pulling off the plaster. Grit my teeth, be brave, face the pain and get the bloody thing over with.

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