Holiday Success

I’ve been on holiday for the past week and I haven’t been writing as things haven’t been going perfectly. As this blog is a space for me to only track my positive steps in recovery I figured I couldn’t write because Ed has been featuring a bit in the past few days. But then on second thoughts I realised that I was once again setting myself impossibly high standards by expecting a ‘perfect’ week in recovery.

Sure things may not have been perfect this week but I need to remind myself that the road to recovery will never be perfect. More importantly, while there will be ups and downs, it is important to celebrate the ups and recognise the success, not always dwell on the failures.

So putting ed aside, I have been able to go out for drinks three times so far this holiday, eaten out in a restaurant over seven times, and sat in a bikini!

So while this week may not have been a clean victory, Ed has taken a bit of a beating and I will try and keep up the fight for the rest of the holiday.

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