The Little Things

I have realised that I am awfully good and recognising all my bad days and slip up’s but don’t always give myself credit for my successes. I guess it’s because a success for me is very normal to my friends and family. So I am going to use this space to start celebrating my successes… however big or small.

Last night was a big one. I had been working all day and wanted to keep working all night. Uni work is so stressful at the moment that I am finding it very hard to switch off. I am also finding that I sometimes use work to escape from some of life’s difficulties, in the same way I used to use food. However, last night I put the books down and went out for dinner with my friend. I felt Ed had been lurking around a bit too much recently so I conjured up the strength to fight him off with half a bottle of wine, a burger and dessert… it felt great!

Today, despite feeling a bit shaky this morning following last nights dinner, I managed to kick Ed away again this afternoon. Even though I had already had my afternoon snack, I was still feeling quite hungry (I am finding that I do get hungry now before meals which is great!). Instead of ignoring the hunger I managed to have an extra biscuit. I felt it sounded to weird to tell my friends ‘Guess what!? I was hungry and so I managed to have a biscuit!!’… I think they would find it hard to understand why having some food when you’re hungry is a big deal. But the truth is, having an extra biscuit outside of the food plan took courage.

So Go Me! Me- 2, Ed- 0

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