Happy Halloween

So last night I kicked Ed down/poisoned him with a glorious mixture of gin, rum, jager and wine! I had completed four deadlines and we were all dressed up for Halloween and so I was up for a good night!

Ed always tells me not to drink. Most of the time he tells me to not even go out. So it was no surprise he wasn’t thrilled with me drinking punch out if a pumpkin and having jäger bombs in the club. However, I’m pleased to say that I managed to go out, enjoy myself and have a good time. I imagine I drank enough to knock ed out!

The next day after a night out is also a bit of a challenge in terms of the food plan. However, my hangover was so painful today that the pain of sticking to the plan seemed like nothing!!

Although I am a little nervous about tomorrow (especially given that Ed seems to have woken up from his hangover), I am proud that I managed to have a normal student night out. I never thought I’d be happy with a bed-bound hangover but this time there was something quite satisfying about it.

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