Home Time!

It’s reading week this week and so I’m going to go home for a few days and I can’t wait! I am just craving some home comforts, a warm house and a big hug from my mum and dad! And my grandparents are staying with us too which is a complete bonus! Especially because my grandpa gets so cold that I know the house will be like an oven compared to my student igloo. I just feel so tired and drained and ready for a long lie down!

It’s such a relief because when I was in a bad place earlier this year going home used to make me really anxious. I guess it’s because my parents would be stronger than me at fighting ed and so he would give me a hard time about it. I wish I could have seen it like that in the past, and understood that they weren’t upset at me, they were upset with my eating disorder. And it wasn’t me who was annoyed at them, it was Ed.

But the fact I’m really excited to be in the comfort of my family is another good sign of recovery. I know that I have always loved them, it’s only Ed that doesn’t. But the fact I’m so excited to be home is a good sign of improvement. Another sign of improvement was the shopping list I sent my mum in advance of my return. Whenever I used to come home from Paris for the weekend earlier this year, I would have some many particular foods I would need in the house and we would plan the whole weekend of meals before I arrived home. This time there were only two things on my list and no specific meal requests. My only request is lots of hugs!

ONE more sleep!!!

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