Cloud 9!

Today is a great day! 

It is so wonderful to be home, I am currently sat in the kitchen with the smell of home cooking and it is so nice to not be afraid of the smell, but actually excited by it. I was speaking to my therapist today and she asked if my fear around food is decreasing. I was a bit hesitant at first, but the truth is that the fear is becoming less less (that’s not to say that some foods don’t still freak me out, but compared to 6 months ago, the fear is undoubtedly decreased). She pointed out that it can be a very hard thing to admit, because it feels like you’re loosing control, but actually, it is just a sign of strong recovery. So as scary as it is to admit, I am actually looking forward to my dinner this evening. 

I also forgot my scales to weigh my portions. This would normally have thrown me into a spin and my Dad would have had to go and buy me some new ones. But, this time, I’m happy to make do with what we’ve got… no big deal!

Another reason why today is great, I got my hair done… Always a pleasure!

And I’m also buzzing because my job hunt is going rather swimmingly at the moment.

I’m feeling really happy and it isn’t just because I’ve completed my food plan. It’s because I’m actually living again. 

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