It’s a sign… Goodbye scales!

A couple of days ago the batteries in my scales ran out. At first I panicked but had to just get on with it and trust I knew the size of a bowl of cereal.

I had planned to buy a new one ASAP but after thinking more about it I’m going to take it as a sign… A sign that it is time to say goodbye to the scales. I need to start trusting that I know my portion sizes and not let Ed use the scales as a way of ensuring that I don’t have 1g more than the plan.

It’s a new challenge but hopefully if I can learn to live without them, it will be a big weight of my shoulders…! (awful pun- apologies!)


2 thoughts on “It’s a sign… Goodbye scales!

  1. Hurray, it really does seem like a sign! It’s time you are ready 😀 with practice, as well, your portion sizing by eye really does get better- the other day I served my cereal and as Mum had left the scales out I thought I’d check- and it was the serving size, on the dot. Really reinforces your confidence after a while, to be able to do it visually 🙂

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