The Big Week

This week is going to be one of the most important weeks of my life to date. I have two very important days of job interviews for two of my dream jobs. This is what I have been working towards for years and I want to smash it! I’ve never wanted anything so much as I want these job offers!

This weekend Ed made a bit of an appearance whilst I was buying a new outfit for the interviews. It hit me quite hard as I wasn’t expecting it but I know I need to not let it get to me. This week is so important and Ed can not ruin it for me.

So I want to use this space to say F**k off Ed. This week is about me, not you. I have worked hard to get here, and I am not going to let you ruin it. I have made it this far because these companies like me, they value me. I don’t need you to make me stand out or make me special. I can do that my myself. I have already done it and I intend to keep doing so. This week is not for you. It’s mine.

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