Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

It was interesting listening to the Queens speech today. She talked about the importance of getting a balance between action and reflection. This year Christmas is definitely given me time to stop and reflect.

My grandad is really Poorly and so we have spent Christmas with my Nan and visited my grandad multiple times in his nursing home. It reminded me about the importance of family and support and I am so pleased I got to see my grandad smile and keep my nan company. All I wanted this Christmas was to see my Grandad. Secondly, being in and out of the nursing home reminded me of how fragile life is. There were a lot of old people and a lot of sick people and it made me think about how short life really is and how I need to appreciate every day. It also made me think how grateful I am for recovery as I am now valuing and taking care of my life.

We also began the morning with presents which also got me thinking. Last year Ed had control of my Christmas list and I received sports kit, exercise dvd’s and running gear. However, this year I got things like makeup, money for my big trip, nice things for my room and some new clothes. All things for me which make me feel good. Nothing for Ed. Plus, unlike last year, I am not scared to eat my chocolate selection box, After Eights and Terry’s chocolate orange.

We’re having our Christmas meal for dinner this year so we can sit with my grandad this afternoon. I am feeling confident and reminding myself that it is Christmas and I deserve to have a nice day and enjoy a meal with all my family.

I wish everyone a very merry Christmas. It will no doubt have it’s challenges but just remember that you’re worth it. Recovery is the best present you can give yourself this Christmas 🙂 x


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