January Vibes

For those of us with eating disorders, I think that January is one of the hardest times of the year. After the Christmas break, the whole world seems to be obsessed about ‘loosing the Christmas pounds’ and ‘having a healthy fresh start’. In fact, I recently read that the most common New Year’s resolution in Europe and the States is to ‘drop a few pounds’. In short, it seems almost impossible to escape talk about dieting, exercising and being “good”.

However, the truth is, that the hundreds and thousands of women across the world using January as a chance to go on a diet might be able too without going crazy, but I can’t. I have an eating disorder. My friends might be able to train for a half marathon without it becoming obsessive, but I can’t. I would become addicted to running. My friends might be able to eat ‘light’ dinners, but I have a foodplan. I need to reach target weight.

So, to cope with the triggering January vibes what I am telling myself over and over again every single day is “Compare and Dispair”. 

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