This weekend I have been down in Nottingham visiting my sister at University. So far we have had a great weekend together.

We began the weekend with a big night out on Friday. I am getting more and more used to going out, and so alcohol isn’t as scary as it once was. As a result, we woke up with killer hangovers on Saturday morning! Instead of being too freaked out by it all, I told myself that this is part of being young. There were thousands of other people my age out on a Friday night and so why does my rule book have to be any different?

However, the main fear food I faced on Friday night was at the end of our night out. On a Friday night out in town everyone normally ends up in classy fast food establishments or at the local burger vans. At this time, I normally order a bottle of water and then have some toast when I get in. However, this week I thought I should have a Friday night out in true student style. So when we ended up at the delightful ‘Chunky Chicken’, I ordered a chicken burger and chips… And ate it all.

Although I did worry about the food the next day, I didn’t let it ruin my day. My sister and I still had a great time. For now, I am going to sit with the worry and recognise that these challenges are meant to be hard and so I won’t always feel totally fine afterwards… but that is all part of the process. This journey is never easy, but facing these challenges will hopefully make the journey shorter. The most important thing, is that I am proud to have been able to have a totally normal night out and face my fear of fast food.

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