Right on cue

This week has been a good week so far. On Monday afternoon I had a coffee date with a guy from uni which turned into drinks and dinner! I then had a second date with said guy this evening. He cooked me dinner and we had a great evening drinking red wine. I also have plans to meet an old friend for dinner tomorrow, I have a big girls night out planned on Friday and a family party on Saturday.

So unsurprisingly as I have started to have fun and really enjoy myself, Ed is trying to ruin it. Right on cue.

I have recently started going back to the gym but it is being very controlled and has to be very limited. I was originally planning on going tomorrow morning but I didn’t think I’d be back home so late. Setting my alarm for the gym tomorrow morning feels like the wrong thing to do. It feels like all the dark cold mornings in Paris when I would drag myself out of bed to run in the freezing cold. The true reason for going to the gym tomorrow would be to try and burn off some of this evening’s dinner and “prepare” for tomorrow’s night out. I know that is most definitely not the right reason for going to the gym. I don’t need to burn off anything and there is nothing I need to “prepare” for in the gym.

My very good friend S lives the other side of the world and so the time difference comes in very handy on evenings like this when I need to reach out. After speaking to her I realised that I don’t need to punish myself in the gym for having fun. A prerequisite for dinner tomorrow night is not a morning gym session. Ed can’t ruin my fun. I am stronger.

Although having a lie in may be a gift to a lot of people, for me it will be a challenge tomorrow morning. The temptation to set my alarm for the gum is seriously strong but with the help of S I am going to make sure I don’t set it.

I deserve to be having fun. I don’t need Ed to come along and ruin it.

Good night x

2 thoughts on “Right on cue

  1. You deserve to have your fun and the ED is never going to be part of that. The only preparation required for a girls night is a good soundtrack to get you in the mood 🙂 have a good time lovely, your doing amazing! Xx

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