TOMAGCRO: A Parents Perspective

Tomagcro: The Only Man A Girl Can Rely On

I have always been a bit of a daddy’s girl and My Dad is my tomagcro and Me and my Dad are too alike for our own good!

A few kind words about my Dad… A 51 year old lawyer, who hates admitting he’s wrong, likes to have the last word and who, at the same time, is one of the biggest softies I’ve ever met. In fact, he even cried at a card my sister once sent me for my birthday before he’d even read it!

In fact, when I first told my parents that I was thinking of starting a blog, my dad revealed that he had been writing a blog of his own for the past 5 months… He’s always been good at being one step ahead! I invite you to read his words if you want an insight into a fathers journey of anorexia. People always say anorexia is a family illness and his words prove it.

Although, it is important for me to mention that my Dad’s blog and my blog are different. As I mentioned in ‘My Blog’ I won’t be writing about the times ED has caused me pain or discomfort because I don’t want to empower my eating disorder. Instead I will focus on the tools I am learning that help me live life and participate in it. So whilst my dad’s blog may talk about the difficult times and talk from the point of view of a parent, I aim to only share my experiences of strength and hope and the new tools I am learning to live my life.


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